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brb gonna hibernate the fuck out. 

See you plebs in 60 years.

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laser cats

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Dandy has his mind set.

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You don’t have to be a parent to understand the horror of walking into a room to discover that the baby crawled out of his crib and onto that pottery wheel you forgot to turn off.  And while the baby is spinning around and around, the dog is sitting there all calm, like a person, gently using his paws to fashion the baby’s soft cartilage head into something a little more modern.  It might be the classic tale of bad parenting, but let’s see where the dog is going with this.

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Partying at Pemberton was a memorable experience. 

Ups to the Director Bros GiftedYouth crew for keeping us in line. . 

shot with our mother fuckin pantie wettin Lytro Illummmmmmmmmmm

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